Saturday, August 29, 2009

Love's Funny Sometimes

So, I was taking a shower the other day (I do that periodically) and I had this really brilliant idea for brushing off the old, dusty, pitifully neglected blog here and making it sing. It was going to be a really great idea, something that would provide me endless blog topics and plenty of room to let my natural wit and bubbling charm flow over and out into the world. People would come flocking to my blog and would read, walking away with smiles on their faces and insight in their heart.

But then my daughter came in crying because her pet rat suddenly died and I got out of the shower amidst that chaos and was thrust into action as Brave and Stoic Mom who gives hugs, dries tears, recites platitudes, answers deep theological questions, digs holes, and pulls shoe-boxes / coffins out from under her bed just when they are all needed most.

By the time the drama was somewhat at low tide I had forgotten my brilliant, witty blog idea. Rats. Oh, sorry. That mild exclamation was probably in bad taste, given the previous paragraph.

But it has been far too long since I’ve tended the blog. Facebook and Yahoo! Groups have seen plenty of me, however. I do have intentions of resurrecting the old blogspot, though, so perhaps I will. All I have to do is remember that shower idea.

I do recall, fortunately, that it was about Love. Since I write romance novels I figured that topic was appropriate. So, I’ve updated the site to reflect my new goal of blogging about the many splendors of Love. Primarily, I’m planning to explore the particularly laughable splendors of it.

You see, I do believe that Love IS Funny Sometimes. What I need now is some examples of that. You know, some of those funny little moments where if it wasn’t for Love you’d probably pull your hair out or just go flipping crazy. In my life, it’s not really a question of thinking up examples of that but more like slogging through the veritable swamp of them and picking just one or two to highlight here.

So, that’s what I’ll be doing. At some point. Maybe. Doesn’t that sound like a brilliant idea for a blog? Yeah, that’s what I thought.