Wednesday, December 19, 2012

New Release -- Yuletide Lies

Stay tuned!
I should be able to announce availability any day now.

YULETIDE LIES is a very sweet, Traditional Regency Christmas novella. Short, sweet, and full of all those things we love about Christmas time romance in Regency England.

Amidst mistletoe, mystery, and a motley menagerie, the greatest gift this Christmas might turn out to be Love...

Victim of a horrible scheme gone wrong, Miss Cassandra Loring expected to wake up dead. Instead, she has found herself in a castle somewhere in the remote English countryside. Her rescuer, it turns out, is the irresistible Lord Braden who, oddly enough, is under the mistaken belief her name is Miss Horne. And that they are engaged to be married!

With danger nipping close at her heels and a kidnapper still on the loose, it simply makes sense not to correct him. There are plenty worse things than to have a kind--yet mysterious--earl doting on her. She's almost positive he isn't the villain behind her abduction. Besides, she'll be gone long before their scheduled Christmas Day wedding... no matter how much she might wish to stay.
Available soon exclusively on Kindle. Other formats to follow.