Thursday, December 10, 2009

Keeping Warm Between the Covers

"Dear God, it's you!" he exclaimed.
And it was. The very woman who had disrupted his thoughts all day long was seated there on the dusty floor, a book open on her lap. She was wearing a drab gown, the color of dead moss. Still, her fawn colored hair was not tucked under a cap, but pulled up stylishly on her head. She looked prim and proper and untouchable. And with every fiber of his being he wanted to touch her.
Flustered, she slammed her book shut and sent a dust cloud into the air around her head. Another sneeze, and she struggled with her skirts as she scrambled to her feet. He chuckled at the delightful sight of one perfect ankle, but reached out a hand to help her. She did not take it.
"What are you doing here?" she asked quickly, glancing around, probably for a way to escape.
"I think I should ask you the same thing. Am I interrupting your reading hour?"
"No, I just—" she noticed the clock on the mantle. "Oh no! I had no idea it was so late!"
"Don't worry. I'll see that you don't get into any trouble."
"Oh, I doubt that," she replied. Smart girl.

That’s an excerpt from my recent Regency historical, MISTRESS BY MISTAKE. My heroine has found a book that she truly can’t quite seem to put down. (Trust me; we wouldn’t either, if we stumbled upon this little volume in our dashing host’s library.)
I love getting lost in a good book, don’t you? Especially when there’s a chance that, in my distraction, I might be found out by a smoldering-eyed lord with a penchant for seduction. Yeah, that’s my kind of reading hour!
And it’s a darn good way to keep warm as winter swings into full force here in the states. Brrr, as I type this my fingers are creaking with cold. The wind keeps knocking out my satellite connection for the internet. The dogs stand at the door with their little legs crossed saying, “No way! We are not going out in this.”
So, what to do that will get the blood flowing and pump up the heat index on a blustery day like today? Crawl inside the covers of a good book!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

MISTRESS Release Day

Golly, that headline sounds like I've been keeping some woman and I'm finally letting her go. That's not what I meant! But that is the theme for what I was going to write about today.

Today is the official release date for my debut Regency Historical Romance, MISTRESS BY MISTAKE. Yay! So exciting! It is also a day my husband has been seriously dreading.

You see, my husband is a good man. He's a dedicated man. He's a man of deep conviction. And he's a minister. Now, he's always been very supportive of my writing efforts but it wasn't until just recently he realized truly and intimately what exactly it is that I write. He tried to read my book.

MISTRESS BY MISTAKE is a fun, sexy romp. That's what it says right on the front cover and I assumed most people understand that means the book is, well, fun and sexy. My husband admits that he read the cover, that he’s heard me talk about the book, but he says he always thought “sexy” just meant, er, “sexy”. He honestly didn’t realize it meant “SEXy”, as in, it gets specific about who’s doing what to whom when and where. And how—I most definitely include the how.

My husband rather wishes I didn't, just on the not-so-off-chance that one of his parishioners might buy the book and also misinterpret "sexy" only to have a coronary at page three when things for my hero and heroine start to get a bit, er, "SEXy". The dear man really does care about his parishioners.

But this has been a lesson to me. Sometimes we can be so very precise in what we say or write, and yet still be misunderstood. When I wrote the title for this blog entry, I referred, of course, to the fact that today is the day my novel, MISTRESS BY MISTAKE, is released onto the shelves of a bookseller near you. I can easily see, however, that someone might read that header and assume it means something entirely different.

So, at the risk of being further misunderstood, let me sum up what I am trying to say:

I’m very excited that my brand new slightly-obscene romance novel, MISTRESS BY MISTAKE, will be available to the public today! Rush out now and buy a copy. If, however, you decide to actually read the copy, please don’t be surprised to find that it is chock full of hot sex. And a lot of really funny things happen along with all the sex, too.

I am not, however, releasing some woman that I’ve held in captivity for illicit purposes. I will, though, send a free copy of my book to some random person who finds this neglected blog and posts a comment today! Just make sure I know who you are and how to contact you.

And may you have a happy release of your own at some point today!