Thursday, April 12, 2018

Happenings for May 2018

Cover Reveal!
Sorry, you'll have to wait until September for the book, but you can join me in oooing and ahhing over the cover right now. Isn't it pretty?  Rogue of the Greenwood is a sort-of Regency version of Robin Hood. Let me tell you, I've been having some fun writing this one!  No spoilers, but I can't wait for you all to meet Sir Robert Locksley and his neighboring nemesis, Miss Marianne Maidland.  Sparks--and arrows!--will definitely fly.

Making a Public Spectacle of Myself
On May 12, 2018, I'll be speaking at the Richwood-North Union Public Library in Richwood, Ohio.  This is my home turf, so I look forward to lots of laughter and some rousing Q & A.  If you are in the Central Ohio area, please come out and join us at 11:30 am! 

A Funny Freebie for You!
Here's an exclusive gift just for my subscribers!  Follow this link to read a short-but-sweet story written just for you!