Tuesday, April 15, 2014

"Who's Ben Skrewd?"

Who's Ben Skrewd, you ask? Take a peek behind the Red Door and find out! 

  I've joined forces with some very talented romance authors and we've come up with something I think our readers will really love. Eleven novellas, each with a red door, and one thing in common: Ben Skrewd.

Who is he? Well, we can't really pin him down. He's somebody different in each novella--as unique as the authors who created his various personas. I'll give you a hint, though, he's been lurking on our websites.

  On April 15, 2014, you can check him out for yourself. Also, you can get involved in our hunt for him and possibly win a pretty cool prize. (Seriously, it's a very nice prize!) Visit http://www.reddoorreads.com/#!whos-ben-skrewd/c1un for details and a complete listing of participating authors and their novellas.

Also, follow us on Facebook ( www.Facebook.com/RedDoorReads ) where we'll be doing give-aways and having a party all day! I personally will be offering a prize at 8:00 pm, EDT. It should be fun, and you'll be able to tell all your friends you saw who's Ben Skrewd.

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