Sunday, February 27, 2022

A Birthday Brag...


It’s my birthday! So I’m going to brag about my up-coming New Release. Isn’t this cover just wonderful?


Available March 29, 2022

from Harlequin Love Inspired, Cold Case Series

The key to an unsolved mystery…
Lies buried in the past.

When the body of a missing teenager is found buried near a small Kentucky church, Detective TJ Douglas must track down the killer. Lawyer Carlie Fenton’s late father is the prime suspect and, determined to clear his name, she offers to join the investigation. Can TJ trust Carlie to help find the truth—even if digging into the past uncovers secrets powerful enough to shatter her world?

My readers know that I generally write books set in the English Regency time period, the early part of the 1800s. But surprise! I’m changing my game just a bit.

In 2022 I will have two books out with Harlequin Love Inspired. These inspirational stories will focus on contemporary life in America. My characters wrestle with the same things many of us do: juggling family commitments and careers, overcoming past hurts, growing in faith, and falling in love. On top of this, my characters have something else to worry about: murder!

Grave Secrets introduces us to Carlie Fenton and TJ Douglas. Carlie is a preacher’s daughter who went off to the big city and became a lawyer. Disillusioned and questioning her faith, she returns to her small town in hopes of re-grounding herself. When she literally stumbles onto the scene of a decade-old murder, she finds herself sparring with the new head detective in town. Detective Douglas is no slouch—he sets to work and right away his investigation leads him straight to Carlie’s father.  But Carlie knows her father is innocent—how can she prove the detective wrong? Despite her growing feelings for TJ, she’s got to save a good man’s legacy.

GRAVE SECRETS is available for pre-order from your favorite booksellers. For more info about this and all my other books, head to my website: .


And be on the lookout for fun stuff coming up in March 2022! I’ve got a new Free Read to offer and an exciting new Give Away contest!

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