Tuesday, July 25, 2023

BURIED THREAT by Susan Gee Heino

Uncovering the past can be deadly...

When ex-con Will Viveners finds a decades-old corpse in his newly-inherited garden, he is forced to let Police Chief Caralee Patterson dig into his dark past. She’s smart, and a hard worker, but can he trust her? He’s desperate to finish remodeling the house; he needs a quick sale. With a body in the backyard, though, Caralee puts his progress on hold. Will’s only option is to work with her to help solve this mystery quickly or risk losing everything. But when the truth starts to hit too close to home, Will has to decide between turning a profit or turning back to the faith he once knew. Is he ready to let his new feelings for Caralee set him free, or will he remain a prisoner of his past?

I had so much fun writing this! I wrote most of this book last year during the summer months, so I incorporated one of my greatest loves: gardening. What could be more fun than a spooky old secret garden, with gnarled trees and clutching weeds choking out the few scattered remains of once lovely roses and brilliant daylilies? And of course--the scattered remains of some unlucky person!

Will and Caralee are an unlikely couple--he's an ex-con, and she's a cop. Not just a cop, but she's the Chief of Police! I thought it might be hard to actually bring these two together, but as I got to know them I discovered they aren't as different as I first thought. They want the same things in life, and they both care deeply about family and faith. As they worked together to solve the mystery, their lives and their emotions become entwined in the most heartwarming way. And did I mention there's a puppy? Yeah, a puppy invaded the story and I fell in love with him, too.

I love a story with twisting plotlines and inter-connected characters, so that's what this is. Most of all, though, I love a story with a happy ending. Will and Caralee do finally get there, but the journey is full of bumps in the road. We wouldn't want it any other way, right?

You can find BURIED THREAT on bookshelves at major retailers as well as online. Check out my website for links to buy your own copy in print or digital. Then dig in!   www.SusanGH.com

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